Great Individually, Better as a Team

Peggy Economos

With 30 years of representing clients in selling and purchasing exceptional homes, Peggy Economos has earned the status of being one of the most successful and admired real estate professionals in the Bay Area.

Success to Peggy is more than just the hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions she has closed. She has forged lifelong relationships with her customers based on dedication to their interests, a warm and friendly nature and unquestionable fair dealings. She is sophisticated and charming yet conveys a down to earth Midwest manner that values substance far more than pretense.

Peggy was a founding member of the Pacific Union’s (now Compass’) Estates Division, a group of about 200 agents within the company that specialize in luxury properties. She completed nearly ten years as Director of the division that has put her at the forefront of luxury market properties, information, conditions and trends.

Peggy has been ranked among the top selling real estate agents in San Francisco and the Bay Area for her entire career. In 1998 she was recognized by the San Francisco Chronicle as the city’s “Best Agent.” Throughout her career she has been recognized by the company as one of their very top producers.

Contact Info:

Number Phone: (415) 271-6390

DRE#: 00978773

Email: Peggy.Economos@Compass.com

Kirk Economos

Kirk became licensed as California real estate agent in 1980. He has a remarkable breadth and depth of expertise and experience in many areas of the real estate industry. This includes:

  • Commercial and residential real estate transactions that include homes as well as industrial, commercial, hotel and investment properties,…

  • Mortgage financing of commercial properties through major insurance companies and banks, and…

  • Development, investment, and management of commercial real estate projects…

Kirk is a Certified Commercial Investment Member, “CCIM”. In order to earn this qualification CCIM candidates must undergo years of rigorous qualification that includes both education and proven experience in the analysis and feasibility of real estate transactions and markets.

There are only about 15,000 CCIMs worldwide and they are recognized as experts in investment and financial aspects of real estate.

Kirk Economos is skilled in computer science and information technology. He is an accomplished photographer and has also worked professionally in graphic design, web design and advertising.

Contact Info:

Number Phone: (707) 931-9841

DRE#: 00649468

Email: Kirk.Economos@Compass.com