1- Sonoma, CA 95476

From the Native American tribes that occupied Sonoma Valley for millennia, to the Mexicans that established in Sonoma in 1823 the last of Mexico’s 21 Franciscan missions in California, to those that reside here today, Sonoma was and is one of the most beautiful, fertile and gentle places on earth.

2- Glen Ellen

Glen Ellen is about 6 miles northwest of the city of Sonoma and comprises about 2 square miles. In the 2010 census, Glen Ellen had a population of 784.

3- Kenwood, CA

At the north end of Sonoma Valley is the town of Kenwood. What Kenwood lacks in the form of a crossroads to call the center of town, it more than compensates for in terms of venues for wine enthusiasts and lovers of nature. It is hard to believe that there could be a more picturesque or pleasant place to live.

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1- Sonoma, CA 954762- Glen Ellen3- Kenwood, CA